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Innovative training of the whole body using the EMS method in BODY FIT 20 MINUTES Poznań STUDIO BODY FIT 20 MINUTES offers training using the most modern and extremely effective method - Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) - run by professional coaching staff, having the longest experience in Poznan in the use of this training method, using the device of the global market leader MIHA BODYTEC.
If you do not want to exercise in the gym for many hours a week, and you want to train all the large muscle groups simultaneously in one intensive workout, BODY FIT 20 MINUTES is exactly what you need. People who do not feel well in a large fitness gym, love the personal atmosphere in our studio, appreciate the short intensity of training and love what EMS gives them in terms of strength, speed, agility and endurance. Our studio is small and beautiful, and stay in it short, intense and very personal.
STUDIO BODY FIT 20 MINUTES has an atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable. The EMS personal trainer will help you and answer any questions to make starting a new dimension of training as easy as possible.
In STUDIO BODY FIT 20 MINUTES we approach each client individually. By choosing to use our services, you can take a professional EMS personal training focused on the efficient and effective implementation of all goals.



 EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) is the electrostimulation of muscles using electrical impulses sent from a special MIHA BODYTEC device. This method is used successfully in sports and physiotherapy. EMS is used by NASA and the American army. The EMS training is used by players such as Real Madrid, Bayern Monahium and other famous athletes. In just 20 minutes, EMS training delivers over 150 times more muscle contractions to the body than during standard training. Traditionally, during the exercise, our brain sends impulses to neurons, the effect of which are muscle spasms. Thanks to EMS, the whole process is carried out by replacing the brain with electrical impulses sent from a special device. Such an impulse induces controlled muscle contraction, bypassing some or all of the nervous system responsible for contraction during traditional training. The more controlled contractions, the bigger and stronger the muscles. Even the muscles located in the deeper layers of our body are stimulated, among others, muscles stabilizing the spine and the muscles of the pelvic floor.

One, 20-minute training session equals up to 3 hours spent in the gym. One EMS training per week corresponds to three personal trainings at the gym. Depending on the level of physical fitness and the goals set, the training can be either extremely gentle or extremely intensive, using strong muscle contractions while performing dynamic exercises.
The revolutionary nature of this method, combined with the professionalism of BODY FIT 20 MINUTES personal trainers, makes the effects felt after the first training, and visible after 10-12 training sessions. Even if someone does not have time for regular workouts, he can expect amazing results.

EMS training is an excellent alternative for people who do not have time for boring gym exercises. A series of effective workouts will make you quickly achieve noticeable results.

WEIGHT LOSS - fat reduction EMS training helps to speed up the metabolism. The body will change the way you use calories to not create fat. In addition, the impulse that penetrates the muscle during training intensively breaks down fat tissue, increasing the combustion process.

GET RID OF CELLULITE- you can forget about it! The pulses break the subcutaneous fatty tissue and stimulate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for cleansing the body of toxins and inhibiting the storage of fat cells.

FIGHTING BACK PAIN - Sitting work can not calm your back? Try EMS! Sent to the muscle pulse, they cause contraction and then allow them to relax deeply, relieving pain. Hence the widespread use of this type of training in rehabilitation.

BUILD MUSCULE MASS - Reach your dream figure! Thanks to modern technology, EMS and through training conducted under the supervision of qualified trainers, after a few sessions there are visible changes in the appearance and general form of his body. Thanks to EMS training, you will develop your dream figure in a short time.

TIMPROVE FITNESS EMS training in a short time, significantly increases muscle strength and efficiency, significantly improves overall performance and fitness, accelerates the development of muscle building and evens out muscle tension.

BE FIT ONLY 20 MINUTES - Save time! The pulse stimulates all major muscle groups at the same time, because the training lasts only 20 minutes!

RETRUN TO THE FORM AFTER PREGNANCY The biggest nightmare after giving birth is a stomach and other extra kilos. Thanks to us you will get rid of them forever in a much shorter time. The EMS training lasts only 20 minutes. Thanks to electrostimulation, you not only firm your skin, but also strengthen your muscles. During training, he does not load the joints, and most importantly, the spine he has had enough during pregnancy. EMS strengthens the deep muscles responsible for stabilizing the spine, which in turn will free you from back pain.

PROTECT YOUR CONNECTIONS During training, we do not use any weights, so the pressure on the joints and tendons is practically non-existent. It is a revolutionary method of training, especially for people with injuries or joints that can not build muscle strength through traditional training methods. EMS eliminates the risk of injury or injury.

EMS training - 20 minut
Preparation for training 5 minutes Guests arriving for EMS training in Body Fit 20 minutes after appointment. After the initial interview, medical and elimination of all contraindications / restrictions, go to one of our locker rooms to set up a specialized cotton costume used during EMS training. The costume can be rented or bought directly in our studio. During the test, the training outfit is available for free. After dressing up the personal trainer, putting on with the built-in electrodes and individual electrodes on the arms, legs and buttocks in such a way that they closely adhere to the whole body.

Shower and dressing 
After the workout, you can use the shower and the rest of our cloakroom equipment - just enjoy the comfort that our studio offers you. After a short rest, we set another visit, which can take place only after a minimum recovery time of 4 days (depending on the intensity and type of exercise may be smaller or larger).
You drop in for lunchtime and refresh yourself and are full of energy for the rest of the day.


Selected Studies

86.8% trainees noticed a positive effect on body shape

71.0% trainees showed significant improvement in strength

88.0% trainees noticed a reduction in back pain

75.5% trainees noticed feeling relaxed after the workout

Below is a selection of studies on whole body electrostimulation.

Whole body electromuscular stimulation (EMS training) for back ailments
Electromuscular stimulation (EMS) of the whole body musculature - An innovative method to relieve urinary incontinence
Electrical muscle stimulation as whole body training – Multicenter study on the use of full body EMS in fitness centers
MEDICAL SPORTS NETWORK 04/2007 Short and long-term training effects on strength-related diagnostic parameters from mechanical and electrical stimulation
The effect of whole body electrical stimulation on the resting metabolic rate , anthropometric and muscular parameters of older people. The Training and Electromyostimulation Trial (TEST)
Influence of adjuvant EMS training on body composition and cardiac risk factors in older men with metabolic syndrome
Electromyostimulation (EMS) in cardiac patients. Is EMS training becoming significant for secondary prevention?


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